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Rover Scouts

Adults Aged 18-25 Years

Meeting times: Thursday 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Bundoora Scout Group is pleased to announce the Handfield Rover Unit will be hosted at the Bundoora Scout Hall Rover Den!

“Rovers do stuff” is a popular sentiment in Rovers because we do in fact do lots of stuff!

As Rovers, we create our own adventure from start to finish, with many opportunities to build skills that are widely recognised outside of Scouting.

There are a multitude of activities, events, training experiences, and opportunities available in the Rover section, whether they be adventurous, expressive, innovative, community related or environmentally focused.

Each year we get down and dirty with the rest of Victoria’s Rovers for motorsports at Mudbash, and costumed chaos reigns at MARB, the annual Rover Ball. There’s the annual Surfmoot camp at Anglesea, or the Armstrong 500 hiking competition. You can develop your performance skills through one of the many Scout Gang Shows or Showtimes. Plus you can enjoy our very own Rover Bogong Ski Chalet near Falls Creek, or converge with Rovers from all over Australia for a ten-day activity extravaganza at the tri-annual National Moot.

The Rover section is run by Rovers at regional and state level Rover Councils, which shape our organisation and means that we are self-sufficient, with positions that any Rover can volunteer for!

Every Rover Unit is different as each has their own traditions, special interests and personalities. A Rover Unit runs itself, with an elected Unit Leader and Unit executive: the Unit Council.

Handfield/Snowy Morcom Rover Unit is made up of keen people with ‘give it a go’ attitudes who are willing to take on new challenges for some serious fun.

Handfield/Snowy Morcom Rover Unit welcomes all young adults from 18 to 25 years. You don’t need to have any Scouting experience, but you do need to keep up with some adventurous people and their adrenaline-packed adventures! A Rover Scout’s time in the Unit ends when they turn 26.

All adult members of Scouting need a Working with Children Check, but this is a small price to pay for the rewards of leadership, personal development, and the opportunity to bring a positive change to the people around you.

The Scouting movement is all about producing leaders, and here’s where Handfield/Snowy Morcom Unit shines. As part of the Scouting Achievement Pathway, and in line with our motto ‘Service’, you’ll be able to help lead activities with younger sections and other Scout Groups, contributing to the youth in the community and giving back to where we came from.

Rover Scout Motto


Rover Scout Promise

There are two versions of the Australian Scout Promise. Individuals may select which version they wish to make.

On my honour, I promise To do my best, To be true to my spiritual beliefs, To contribute to my community and our world, To help other people, And to live by the Rover Scout Law.


On my honour I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to my God, and To the King of Australia, To help other people, And to live by the Rover Scout Law.

Rover Scout Law

Be Respectful
Be friendly and considerate Care for others and the environment

Do What is Right
Be trustworthy, honest and fair Use resources wisely

Believe in Myself
Learn from my experiences Face challenges with courage

Join the Adventure!

Are you interested in joining Handfield/Snowy Morcom Rover Unit or have any questions? Simply fill out your details below and Lisa, our Unit Leader, will get in touch soon.

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